Our goal is to settle your mares in the most efficient manner possible.

The way in which we approach each mare depends on her past breeding history and the owner’s preference. First-time breeders/mare owners as well as owners of “problem” mares may find it helpful to take advantage of our Pre-Breeding exam, ultrasound and consultation. Other pre- or mid- breeding diagnostic procedures include uterine culture and cytology or uterine biopsy, when indicated.

We track a mare’s cycle with ultrasound to ensure optimal insemination timing and optimal uterine environment. We offer insemination with fresh, cooled/shipped, or frozen semen (we require two doses). We try to keep the per-cycle costs for the average mare under $420 (usually less for mares who do not require sedation), and offer discounts to farms with multiple mares.

Pregnancy confirmation is first performed via ultrasound 14-16 days post ovulation in order to maximize potential to rebreed if the mare is not in foal. This also allows us to reduce a twin embryo in the most effective manner.