As an equine veterinary practice with a sports medicine focus, all lameness cases begin with the most comprehensive evaluation possible.

Full limb palpations, manipulations, and flexion tests will be performed. Patients may be observed on hard and soft ground, at multiple gaits, in circles and on a straight line, without tack and under saddle as needed. Most lameness exams proceed to diagnostic blocking and then reevaluation.

This entails numbing an area or region with local anesthetic and then repeating the limb manipulations and gait evaluations. When the injured/painful area is numbed, the horse travels soundly. Once the region/area is pinpointed, imaging studies (usually radiography or ultrasound) may be pursued to make a diagnosis. Our truck is equipped with digital radiography and digital ultrasound so that imaging may be pursued at the time of initial exam, if desired. Once the diagnosis is made, we will determine the most appropriate treatment and rehabilitation plan for your horse.

Centennial Equine Sports Medicine offers traditional therapies such as steroid/hyaluronic acid injections of joints and synovial structures as well as cutting edge therapies such as IRAP (Interleukin Receptor Antagonist Protein) or PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) injections.

We also offer adjunctive treatments such as chiropractic adjustment and will be offering acupuncture as soon as spring of 2012. We understand that all horses are athletes, whether they perform in the grand prix jumping or dressage arena, on a ranch, or at 10,000 feet elevation for weeks at a time. We want to work with you and your horse to make the most of your horse’s natural abilities and to keep him comfortable and performing his job for the longest amount of time.